Welcome, Or How I Became Terrified of Selfies / by Nicolas Cusworth

Greetings, salutations, and all of that! Welcome to Arpeggia Media. If this is your first time seeing this website and this is the first post in our blog that you are reading, then you are seeing a fresh-out-of-the-box website with that fancy new website smell! If you're liking what you're seeing you have our friend and amazing graphic designer Charlie Lee-Georgescu largely to thank. He pulled together the eye-catching design for our logo and this website in no-time-flat. And now that we've got all this awesome stuff, we're exceedingly excited to get this new venture going, and we can't wait to show off the great stuff we're doing!

This blog space will be largely about just that - a way for us to go a bit more in-depth about projects we're working on, provide behind-the-scenes goodies, and offer thoughts about a range of topics concerning the field. We'll also be making plenty of use of our Facebook page for all of these things, but this page will offer a chance for us to dive deeper than a couple of sentences.

In the spirit of that, thought I'd talk a little about a few things I (Nick) am involved in right now. The biggest project I've been working on recently (other than getting this site and everything attached to it launched along with Sam) has been working with UNIQLO on one of the more interesting holiday campaigns I've seen. They've teamed up with German company DOOB, who specialize in 3D-scanning and printing services, for their Selfless Selfie Project. Over the past month I've done several in-store and on-site shoots for the project.


First, they brought people into the 5th Avenue store for "scanning," which essentially entails entering a walled enclosure surrounded by 54 cameras that gives you the creepy sensation that HAL 9000 is alive and well.

When GoPro timelapses result in amazing unintentional selfies.

When GoPro timelapses result in amazing unintentional selfies.

They then compile those 54 photos into a full (and very detailed) 3D-rendering of that individual, and then it's off to the production facility where they use giant 3D printers (that I learned go for something like $50K each) to produce insanely realistic foot-high miniature figurines. Seriously, these things are basically what the Uncanny Valley was created for.

Don't stare into their eyes too long, lest your soul be taken.

Don't stare into their eyes too long, lest your soul be taken.

The next step will be actually bringing this miniature army into the store to place on display along with the rest of their holiday decorations. I'll be capturing all of this shortly, and the video will be out sometime after Thanksgiving. Definitely one of the stranger things I've had to film, but it's been an enjoyable project. Also, I'm both pleased and slightly terrified to say that yours truly was chosen to be scanned and printed, which means at the next shoot I will have to hunt my miniature self down and take a meta-selfie/possibly throw it in the hellfire where it belongs.

In addition to this project, I will also be working on another video for UNIQLO in the coming weeks, which involves filming at Lincoln Center and the NY Philharmonic, children, and origami. Should be a very colorful video. I will also be documenting an exciting concert in Brooklyn called New Music for New Instruments, which brings together some of the most-promising young composers and instrument builders in NYC to create one-of-a-kind pieces of work. Looking very much forward to seeing this one.

If you've taken a look around our website and are reading this, we want to thank you for taking the time. We're just getting started, and we can't wait to share it all with you.