UNIQLO shows the human impact of The Special Olympics in new video / by Nicolas Cusworth

Last April, the producer I work with on all UNIQLO projects approached me about an ambitious video they were planning on producing surrounding their sponsorship with The Special Olympics World Games, set to take place in LA that July. Asking me how to best convey the human aspect of it rather than making it about UNIQLO, I helped put together a production plan that would focus on the athletes, volunteers, and individuals who see the impact of the Games first-hand.

Fast forward to August into September (and even as recently as this past week as I put the finishing touches on the Japanese subtitled version to be played in UNIQLO stores in Japan), and I'm editing a monstrous trove of footage over several days into a neat 2-3 minute piece. As much as I'd love to take credit for filming this one since it was gorgeously-shot (and it means I would've gotten to meet Michelle Kwan and Apolo Ohno), I'm afraid I only took care of the editing, which was certainly no easy feat in itself. Really proud of how this one came out, and I look forward to having another video of mine to look out for whenever I shop at a UNIQLO in the city!