Bringing High-Quality Tea To NYC With Boba Guys! / by Nicolas Cusworth

Confession: I don't like coffee. Whenever I'm on a shoot or meeting with anyone who doesn't know me well, I'm unfortunately that guy who turns down coffee every time because I don't drink it. I do, however, enjoy the heck out of some good tea however. So I was particularly invested and interested when Boba Guys, a milk tea bar based in San Francisco, reached out to me because they were preparing to open up their first shop in New York City.

They wanted a brief teaser video they could share on social media to hype up their fans from around here who either have been following them for a while or since they opened up their recent pop-up shop in Union Square. They wanted it to be brief, show off lower Manhattan and the Lower East Side, and be eye-catching enough for people to potentially watch without sound, as many do on Facebook and Instagram.

I believe this fits the bill.

Got a pretty decent workout that day, logging at least several miles of walking around the city with either my weighted shoulder rig or my camera and tripod when I went back around to get the timelapses. Was worth it though!

The shop is technically open for business now, though they're still putting some final touches on the place before doing a full launch. If you're looking for some great boba milk tea though and are already in the Lower East Side, you should definitely check them out!