Harrison Scott Behind the Scenes Video Premiered On Out.com / by Nicolas Cusworth

For one reason or another, a large number of projects I've worked on this year have taken an unusually long time to be made public (or simply were never made public). This is totally fine except for when I want to use them as examples of good work I've been doing for other prospective work. Fortunately that hasn't been too much of an issue thus far, and most of these do wind up coming out one way or another.

This video is a prime example. I was first contacted by Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist Harrison Scott all the way back at the beginning of the year because he was looking for someone to film a behind the scenes video of the production of his music video for his song "Locked Up" (off of his debut EP Spectral Evidence). Harrison is by far one of the savviest musicians I've come to know, combining his knack for creating dark and catchy beats with high fashion sense and a cool and mysterious performance style to create an enigmatic and enticing musical identity. The music video for this song combined all of that, with special attention given to the fashion side of things.

The actual music video for the song only came out a month or so ago, and my video documenting the whole experience was finally released yesterday and premiered at Out.com (you can view the music video there as well). Even though it feels like ages since putting this whole thing together, I'm glad to finally have it see the light of day so I can share it.

Since working together for this though, Harrison and I have continued to collaborate throughout the year, putting together some videos documenting performances from his recent summer tour (which should be coming out in due time), and I'll be going behind the scenes for another music video of his soon. More on all of that in the months (and posts) to come!