Faith in Winter / by Nicolas Cusworth

Nick and I continue to grind away on projects, big and small, trying to keep busy in this brutal heat... But today, I'd like to share a personal project that I've just completed, something that I feel I had the honor to be a part of.

It was some time in March of this year that my father received a phone call from his cousin, Edward. In the past, they would speak once or twice each year about the extended family, the goings on of the clan. And this conversation was no different, until Edward very calmly explained that he had terminal cancer and would have just 6 months to live. He didn't want pity; he had a wonderful live with family and friends. Instead, he spoke of his last wishes: his desire to return to Ireland where our family first emigrated from and his desire to publish a book of some of his life's poetry. Since he was a teenager, Edward had been an accomplished poet, studying over the years with Robert Hayden, Paul Jenkins, James Tate to name a few. After some discussion and after consulting me about the logistics of such a task, we decided to design and publish a book of Edward's work, entitled "Faith in Winter".

The introduction was written by veteran writer Matthew Mayo, while Edward’s son, Dillon, took on the difficult task of writing an afterword. All of this was accomplished on a necessarily tight deadline. Edward’s wife, Robin, planned a gathering of friends and family in their home, a gathering that would, in effect, be a goodbye party. It was there that Edward was able to personally sign his new book.

It was a moving experience and something I will never forget. And having been a part of this, it makes me wonder how many other individuals are out there, incredible artists of any medium, who have never had the opportunity to share their work with the world. As the filmmakers we are, we must fight every day to have our voices heard, to achieve individuality among the millions of moving images we encounter every day online. But I'd venture some of the greatest filmmakers, painters, poets, writers, for one reason or another, never have had the chance to share their visions. It's a sad thought, but it makes me proud that I could help share at least one voice. And maybe others in the future...