Harrison Scott Puts Some Skin In the Game in New BTS Video For "BloodSport" / by Nicolas Cusworth

In the rich tapestry that is the life of a freelance videographer, you get asked to work on a wide variety of projects featuring many different kinds of material. Nothing demonstrates that more than the fact that I'm following a post about classic baroque opera with a video for a dark synthpop song that features a lot of skin.

This is my second collaboration of this sort with Harrison Scott, and if his previous music video for "Locked Up" was all about high fashion and gradually having a total mental breakdown, this one has a decidedly different bent. "BloodSport" takes the voyeuristic qualities of Snapchat culture to the extreme, blending it with some twisted sexual fantasy involving having a group of guys in their skivvies shaving Harrison's head, sharing a tub with him, and a lot more.

As always, Harrison is fully committed to his art and craft, and the resulting music video is really well-executed and striking. Harrison set out to make a statement about his own sexuality and not making an effort to hide it or tone it down for the sake of more mainstream sensibilities - especially when a similar video with a guy surrounded by scantily-clad women wouldn't register as anything unusual - and I think he and director Eli Schmidt really accomplished something that's provocative but ultimately tasteful and artful.