The New Newness + Summer Wrapup / by Nicolas Cusworth

I've transgressed again and haven't updated here in a bit. Much of that has to do with what I've been doing since my last post though, which has been some working on several projects that aren't ready for public consumption yet, some traveling, and, most pertinent to this, freshening up this website from top-to-bottom. So let's break this down the best way I know how - in list form!

1. The Two-Year Facelift

I've updated this website occasionally with new videos since originally launching it in 2014, but between using the same, increasingly outdated reel for months and some other things that were in need of updating, I figured it'd be a good time to do a mini-overhaul of the place. So, here's a brand new, slick site design/layout featuring full background video on the landing page, new navigation and portfolio layout, a new showreel (embedded below and featured now on the About page since the landing page video functions as a soundless and more-relaxed version of it), and freshened-up information where needed.

Putting together this new reel and taking stock of all that I've done the past couple of years has really given me an appreciation of all the amazing people I've had the opportunity to work with. I love nothing more than to produce great work for people who are doing great things, and it just so happens that so many of these people are very good on camera! I can only be so lucky to continue working with them and others.

Finding the time to take care of all of this while working on other projects has been difficult, but it was a very necessary update, and I'm pleased with the results. Hopefully people looking at this place will agree!

2. Coast-to-Coast

Summer in NYC is barely tolerable under the best of circumstances, and this one has been especially egregious, so I'm very happy that I've been able to spend a couple of weeks outside of it and able to make use of my camera throughout it. First, more locally, I returned to my hometown in central NJ last month for our annual 5th of July (yes, the 5th) fireworks. Anyone who wants an explanation on how I shoot these can look at my entry from last summer for a primer. This year I got a little more experimental and played around with ways to further manipulate the image in-camera and got some interesting results!

Shortly prior to that I trekked out to California and visited Yosemite for my first time. Having grown up on the east coast I'm just not used to the kind of landscapes a place like that has to offer, and I was pretty much spellbound my entire trip. I decided to put my Syrp Genie Mini to the test there and take as many timelapses of the area as I could. Avoiding tourists was impossible, but I don't mind seeing the human element interact with the landscape in this case. I would have also made most of these plenty longer had I been by myself, but I was already stretching the limits of what my travel mates (my exceedingly patient girlfriend and her very easy-going parents) could tolerate.

Finally, I just returned from my annual trip up to the lakes of New Hampshire for a capital-V vacation, in which I was mostly submerged in large bodies of water. I still managed to take a few photos though, as I wanted to try using my Sony a7s (which is my primary video camera these days) more for photos (which I usually reserve for my Canon 5DmkII).

Places pictured include the Kirkwood Gardens in Holderness (playing around with my prism again), on top of Mount Percival and Morgan around Squam after a morning hike, a little cove on Little Squam right by the house where we've discovered a loon family lives, one night shot off of the dock from our house, and then one up in the Franconia Notch.

Somehow I managed to get a couple of shots here of the Perseids a couple of nights ago, but after making a big late-night trip further north in the mountains specifically to take Perseids photos (less light pollution), I came up utterly empty (photo from where we eventually wound up included for posterity). Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover it, but I guess there's always next time.

3. Everything Else

I unfortunately don't have too much to show of other work I've done the past couple of months in spite of being quite busy. I did have the opportunity to work with Fairchild Books on a series of videos showcasing different careers in the fashion industry, one of which you can view in my portfolio now under Educational.

On the Heavy Blog side I also had an amazing opportunity recently to sit down and interview Toby Driver of the incredible Kayo Dot to talk about their new album Plastic House On Base Of Sky. Definitely worth a watch and listen.

I should have plenty more coming along soon, including some great work with the Autism Science Foundation, the Vital Opera company, and some more playthroughs and music videos. More posting to come more regularly (and not as long), I promise!