FAMILY Guitar Playthrough Premieres on Heavy Blog Is Heavy / by Nicolas Cusworth

I don't write too often here about my goings-on over at Heavy Blog as the kind of content I produce over there generally doesn't intersect too heavily with what I do here. Given that I do produce some pretty nifty videos for them though, I figure it's worth mentioning here as well.

I had the opportunity to work with the Brooklyn progressive stoner group FAMILY last month on a guitar playthrough for their track "Precedent" after they saw what I did with Binary Code. They were specifically interested in the same kind of guitar-stacking that I featured in the Binary Code videos, which is relatively simple except for having to mess around with the camera angle enough to get the guitars laying flat in-frame.

Nothing else too fancy here aside from a special little piano cameo I squeezed in at around the 4-minute mark. The most headache-inducing aspect was just the lighting and preventing glare off of the bodies and headstocks of the guitars. Just a neat little video I could throw together in post in a couple of hours. Still, it's an effective little twist on the standard guitar playthrough, one I hope to continue using into the future!

And if you like what you're hearing, be sure to check out FAMILY's latest album, Future History. It's great!